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Combos, Comparisons, or Additions. Finds similarities, compares two previous statements, thoughts, or concepts, connects a number of occasions to make one particular full tale, and adds new words to finish the paragraph. Likewise Comparatively Furthermore As a consequence Moreover As a make any difference of fact In the exact way In addition In the same way Also Ultimately What’s more Like Identically Equally In like trend In mild of As opposed to In addition Not only Whilst As very well as Not to point out Just like A further Hence In the to start with spot To say absolutely nothing of. 4.

Contrast or Dissimilarities. Connecting two cases or phrases, predominantly focusing on their variations or suggesting option ideas to be regarded. Alternatively, these can also be utilised to contrast two strategies, feelings, or essential parts of facts in your essay.

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In distinction Though this may possibly be accurate And nevertheless On the contrary At the exact same time In spite of Right after all Then once again (and) nonetheless Even so On the other hand As significantly as Moreover Although If not Nonetheless Regardless Instead Whereas Be that as it could In truth But As opposed to That said Notwithstanding Albeit. 5. Clarification.

Connects to even more explain the arguments becoming designed in more simple, extra compact conditions. That is I mean Only put To clarify To demonstrate To rephrase it To put it one more way In lay phrases In other phrases Only mentioned In clarification In simple phrases To clearly determine To split it down To simplify To set it plainly. 6. Concession.

Connects to specific an idea that acknowledges the opposing look at of the major part of the argument or sentence.

Granted Obviously Of training course To be confident It is legitimate At any level At the very least However Even however Although it may possibly be correct In spite of Admittedly Up to a position However And even now And nevertheless Even so However No matter of this. 7. Examples. Connects to include emphasis, or introduce evidence or instance as assistance. For illustration For instance To display To emphasize To explain To enumerate Such as Namely To place it in another way As an illustration In this scenario For this reason That is to say Important to understand Most persuasive proof Have to be remembered To position out With this in thoughts On the favourable/damaging side Exclusively Especially In depth Notably To illustrate Evidence of this As an case in point of In this scenario By all usually means Actually Hypothetically In reality In addition In addition To clarify In distinct One more key issue A lot more importantly To list. 8.

Significance. Connecting an significant facet to an usually unimportant sentence or paragraph. Essentially Most importantly Principally Critically Mainly Principally Basically Notably Unquestionably Unarguably. 9. Generalization.

Connects to give an strategy about a basic subject. Generally speaking General For the most element By and substantial In basic Ordinarily Usually As a rule As usual Normally. 10. Area.

Connects features according to wherever they are put in a partnership to each other. These give spatial order and references to destinations and room. In the center In front of To the appropriate or left Listed here and there On this side In the distance In the foreground In the background In the middle of Reverse to Adjacent to Neighboring on Alongside the edge Straight ahead At the base In proximity to In vicinity of On the horizon Even more Beyond Close by Anywhere Together with Involving Right before Amid Beneath In excess of Throughout At the best Centrally Peripherally Here/There Encompassing At the rear At the entrance Subsequent to Within just sight Out of sight. 11.

Purpose. Connects when you want to existing distinct intentions, triggers, or problems.

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